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Grand Lawn Cemetery
23501 Grand River Ave, Detroit, Mi 48219
Section R (near the Beaverland Rd part, on the east side of the cemetery) 
BYINGTON, Effie Adeline (I166)
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13 1. Buried in Riverside Cemetery in Charleston Twp
2. Married by Rev. Frederick Holcomb 
Family F90
14 1840 census 1 m 15-19,1m 20-29,1 em 15-19, 1fem 20-29 ohio

City directory Cincinatie Edward A. engenier
City directory Cincinatte,Ohio 1842 Edward Byington "Steamboat Engenier" front bw Race and El m p 240

History of Cincinatie,Ohio. 1881 [Heritagequest on line] item 91 Edward Byington found slain by Theodore Church
BYINGTON, Edward (I925)
15 1850 census Bristol,Hartford,Ct

1860 census Van Buren,Breedsville,Mi
E.A.]Elmore] 21 m CT Wagon Maker $200

Civil War wounded and died at Murfreesboro, Tenn and buried there 22 mar 1863

Widow Anna a Byington filed in Mich 31 jul 1863 appel 28794,ceret 12658
mother Mary Byington filed Mich aug 24 1888, appl 279161
BYINGTON, Elmore A (I179)
16 1850 census Camden,Oneida co.NY, also Columbus,Warren,Pa. 1850 census
William Byington 34 m farmer $ 2,000 ct
Harriet 27 f ny
Augusta S 4 f pa
Festus E. 9 mo m pa
Malvina Moffett 8 f pa

1870 census Warren Co. Penn. Columbus PO Columbus p7 Aug 26 1870
James Daniel 73 wagon mkr. real $3000 pers $3000 bn con
Elmire Daniel 71 F.
William 55 farmer real $10000,pers $30000 bn con
harriet 48 bn NY
Effie 17 at home Pa

1880 census Bourbon Co.Kansas,Timberhill Twp.
William head M 65 farm bn conn father con moth conn
Harriet wife f 58 NY con conn
BYINGTON, William Robinson (I369)
17 1850 census New York,Herkimer co,Slaisbury # 36 37
Daniel Cool 53 m farmer $9,000 bn NY
Lydia 46 f NY
Elery 19 m farmer NY
George Byington 30 m Gunsmith $175 NY
Charlotte 28 f NY

1860 census Herkimer, Salisbury,N.Y. 134-437
George 42 machinest ny
Charlotte 35 ny

1870 census Salisbury,Herkimer,N.Y.
George 57 gunsmith $1500 $2250
Lovica J. 42 $1900 $3150

1880 census Salisbury,Herkimer Co.N.Y.
George 61 gunsmith ny con con
Lovica 52 ny ny ny ny
Mary C. 9 ny ny ny
BYINGTON, George Lewis (I962)
18 1850 census Oneida co.N.Y. town Camden
Ambrose 37 m farmer bn conn
Sally 46 f bn mass
Caroline R 4 f bn NY
William R. Byington 35 m bn Conn

1870 census Camden,Oneida,N Y
Ambrose 57 farm $3700 $1500 ct
Sally 65 mass

1880 census Camden,Oneida Co.
Ambrose Byington m 67 farmer ny ct ny
Sally his wife 75 ny ct ct

Pioneer History of the Town of Camden (1897), pages 250-252

Ambrose Byington was the fourth child of Daniel and Hannah Byington, and was born in Wolcott , Conn., in 1813. In 1839 he married Miss SallyPorter of Taunton, Mass. She was a sister o f William Porter, who livedon the Ethel Higgins place, and the second Mrs. David Osborn. Sh e wasborn in 1804. One daughter blessed their union, Caroline Rhoda, who diedin 1861, aged 1 5 years. Mrs. Byington died in July, 1886, aged 82years. Mr. Ambrose Byington is now at te h age of 84, a remakablywell-preserved man, iwth a sprightly step, of much energy, and a keen memory. We have turned to him for proof that statements were correct,gleaned from uncertai n sources, and have found him a mine of value tous. His memory reaches back to scenes of hi s boyhood with an alertnessand positiveness which would shame a boy of to-day, and all alon g hislife's way he has treasured in his mind the happenings in hisexperience. We give pictur es of Mr. and Mrs. Byington, taken before Mrs.Byington's death a few years. Mr. Ambrose Byin gton still lives in thehome of his father. Dempster Snow has charge of the farm, and with th efamily Mr. Byington now lives. He is cheerful and active, and it hasbeen one of the pleasur es of our work to meet him, and listen to hisstories of "ye olden tyme". A brother, Mr. Cor al Byington, still livesat the age of 86 years, in the West. Mrs. Sally Byington is buried i nForest Park Cemetery
BYINGTON, Ambrose Ives (I913)
19 1860 U.S. census, population schedule. NARA microfilm publication M653, 1,438 rolls. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d. Source (S110)
20 1880 census Comstock,Kalamazoo,Mich.
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace OccupationFather's Birthplace Mothe r's Birthplace
Dorr BYINGTON Self M Male W 35 CT Farm Laborer CT CT [Tho mas Dorr]
Minnie BYINGTON Wife M Female W 23 MI Keeping House IREIRE [Bridget Miner va]
Frederick BYINGTON Son S Male W 1 MI CT MI
Eugene BYINGTON Son S Male W 3M MI CT MI

1900 census,Mecosta Co.Green twp. Mich.
Thomas D. 56 ct ct ct
Minnie B. 43 mich ire
Fred 21 mich ct mich
Eugene 20 mich ct mich
Harry C 18
Margaret 13
Offie M 9
Winfred 1

1910 census Kalamazoo,Mi. household of Frederick Byington son
Thomas D 64 father
Minnie D 53 mother
Margaret E. 32 sister
Winifred H 11 sister
Alice M 19 sister

Kalamazoo County directory, with a history of the county from itsearliest settlement ...
Publication Info: Kalamazoo, Mich.,: J. M. Thomas, 1869, page 354,Galesburg
Byington, Dorr, Farmer, bds 12 Grove

Source Information:
Census Place Comstock, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Family History Library Film 1254586
NA Film Number T9-0586
Page Number 77A
BYINGTON, Thomas Dorr (I181)
21 1910 census living with his brother Charles in Pepin,Frankfort,Wisc

1920 census Pepin,Frankfort,Wi
Orrin E. 37 Wi Wi Wi
Emma E 26 Wi Sweden
Dale E. 7 Wi Wi Wi
Lucius E 5 Wi Wi Wi
Dorothy E 6/12 Wi Wi Wi
BYINGTON, Orrin Eliah (I865)
22 1910 Census, Cokato, Wright, MN states Jon and Anna received US citizenship in 1893 JONSDOTTER, Rask Anna (I2079)
23 1st Congregational church ,Southington,Conn Rev Heman R. Timlow
baptized 27 aug 1820 Robert Lewis, infant of wife of Zebu'on Byington

City Directory Cincinatie,Ohio "Butcher" p 23

1850 census Ward 11 Cincinatti,Hamilton,Ohio with step brothers and sisters
Lewis age 30

1860 census Casierra ,Monte Cristo, Calif
Lewise [Robert] 39 m oh Butcher $1000 - $17,000
Catherine 23 f ire
William H. 6/12 cal

came to Calif. via a voyage around Cape Horn, arriving 29 apr 1852, setteling in Sierra Count y
BYINGTON, Robert Lewis (I927)
24 ABBR Ancestral File (R)
Source (S4)
25 advanced to 2nd lt 14 jul 1775 when Lemuel Nichols declined
2nd lt Capt Ed Shipman Co. Col Charles Webbs Rgt Conn Troops 7th rgt
Elizabeth will 1829 # 440 Bristol-Farmington,Conn state Library Moses being oldest and onl y male heir
in state request Theodore Byington of Southington by appointed in Wolcutt 12 oct 1829
first 6 children baptized 20 mar 1774 Branford V.T. vol 3 p 99
Daniel clerk of parish Society in Wolcutt 1772/3 served 26 years
Mfg spinning wheels
1790 census p 110 Waterbury 3-2-5
1800 census Wolcutt 01001 01001
1810 New Haven,Wolcott 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 1
1820 New Haven, Wolcutt 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 1
1808 Sept. Daniel is listed as freeman in Town of Wolcott [Hist of Wolcott]

History Wolcutt by Orcutt p 465-466 there is a 20 page account of history on line www.auntrom listed Daniel's service as well as other Byington family members , active will Daniel is a Samuel, near the end is mentioned a tax list of 1789
Moses, 4 shil 1/2 pence
Jonah, 3 shil 9 pence
Daniel, 10shil 5 pence
Samuel19shil 3 pence

D.A.R. linn 129-53, 147-191
Boynton Gen. p 223

DAR Application for Membership #741432, Aug. 12 1991, Ellen LouiseStillman Slezak, verified a nd approved Sept. 13, 1991:
ANCESTOR SERVICES: The said Daniel Byington Jr., who resided during theAmerican Revolution a t CT., Wolcott, New Haven Co., assisted inestablishing the American Independence, while actin g in the capacity ofserved as second Lieutenant in Capt. Edward Shipmans Company, Col.Charle s Webb's regiment."

Pioneer History of the Town of Camden [NY], 1897, page 250 (Part of bioof Daniel)

From the history of Wolcott, Conn., written by Rev. Samuel Orcutt in1879, Mr. Orcutt says o f him: "It is with great pleasure that I record my high appreciation of Daniel Byington as Cl erk of the Society ofFarmingbury, whose writings I have consulted daily for much of the timef or three months past, until I had become familiar with every turn of hispen, and every form o f expression, and until it seemed to me as acommunion of spirits, in which friend Daniel wa s helping me on in givingto the world a picture of 26 years of society life in Farmingbury.Go od-bye Daniel, until I am introduced to you on the other side of theveil."

History of Allegan and Barry counties, Michigan, DW Ensign, 1880, page408:
Mr. [Wells] Byington's grandfather was a native of Connecticut, and helda commission as lieut enant from George III. in the French war, but whenthe Revolutionary war broke out he took u p arms with the colonies,serving through the struggle. Died in May, 1824, at the advanced ag e ofeighty-seven years.
BYINGTON, Daniel II (I157)
26 AEarly settlers new york by Foley vol v11 p 146
town mexico,Oswego co new york
Buried together town Milton Oswego,N.Y. milton & Susan,Isaac & Elizabeth,Milton mother Eliz . and Orrinda wife of Milton, brother Rufus along with Isaac'schildren

1850 census New York,Oswego, Mexico #394
Milton 49 m farmer $2,600 ny
Susan M. 36 m ny
Isaac N. 18 m ny
Francis M. 14 ny
Maryette 12 f ny
George O. 9 m ny
Sarah Diane 5 f ny
Elizabetyh 0 f ny

census records 1855 and 1865 Oswego Co. N.Y.

1860 census Oswego, Mexico Co. N.Y.
Milton 59 $2500 $1000
Susan 57
Marrietta 22
Geo O. 19 Farm labor
Sarah 15
BYINGTON, Milton (I837)
27 Arrived in America at the age of 28 (1885) PAGEL, Marie Fredricka Sophia (I2360)
28 Baptized 5/30/1897 in Swedish Lutheran Church, Watertown, MN
Confirmed 4/9/1911 in St Peter's Lutheran Church, OaKie? by Pastor Kretzschman 
STEEGE, Walter Herman (I834)
29 Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, Listes de passagers, 1865 à 1935, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Bibliothèque et Archives Canada Source (S48)
30 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I2461)
31 Born at 8:04 am
8 lbs 1 oz
19 3/4 inches 
HITCHINGS, Nora Jean (I2535)
32 cause of death: Cancer BYINGTON, Lucy Maria (I180)
33 Cause of death: typhoid HATHAWAY, Mary Abagail (I349)
34 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F41
35 City directory 1842 Cincinatte ,Ohio "Steamboat Clerk" Fulton p 159

1850 census Fulton,Hamilton,Ohio 32 33
William H. Byington 1809 ohi
Lucy A. 1812 Ny
Lewis H. 1834 Oh
Susan M. 1845 Oh

1860 census Hamilton,Cincinattie,Ohio
William 51 m CT
Lucy E 48 f NY
Susan 15 f OH
Augustus 24 f NY
Harriett 42 f NY

Cincinattie city directory 1834 William H. clerk j.Coleman boards of court Exchange
BYINGTON, William Henry (I922)
36 Cook County Clerk, Cook County Clerk Genealogy Records, Cook County Clerk’s Office, Chicago, IL: Cook County Clerk, 2008 Source (S41)
37 Curch of Southington 3 aug 1817 Vol 2 p 36
Church Brabford 5 sep 1841 vol 4 p 91
Bap adults 5 sep 1841 Bradford Vol 4 p 54
marriage Southington vol 2 p 134

1806 feb 28 Zebulon, is assesed $20 by Society for fees to sustain the Society at Wolcutt
1810 census Hartford,Southington con 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0
City directory Cincinate,Ohio Zebulon "Tavern Keeper, 192 Main st.
Ohio Wills and Estates to 1850 by "Bell" Zebulon Byington Estate 1836, Hamilton cA 1031
[Hamilton co located in south west corner of Ohio.

cincinatie city directory 1834 he is listed as Coffee man ,mauin betw 9th & Court
BYINGTON, Zebulon (I122)
38 Death due to medical complications while giving birth to daughter Adela (Feb5,1914) ERSDOTTER, Nissapers Anna (I2080)
39 Died of Liver Cancer KEYES, Olive (I359)
40 Drowned in Michigan - 1858 VOSBURG, Isaac S. (I571)
41 Enl 1777 in Mattocks Co. Conn. Lin
Boynton Gen p266-267
Rev Pension W1380 B1 wt 641316055
Early settlers of N.Y. by Foley vol V11 p 140
D A R V57-152
American Genealogist by Donald Jacobus Vol 15,p 130 outline oif famile but not entirely corre ct.

14 yrs old when he accompnied his father in rev. war 1775 he served 3 yrs and upoward enlisti ng in 1777 in Mattocks company Chandlers Regiment Conn, Line.

nov 15 1786 at age 25 Isaac on trip to ther southern states a heavy storm drove the ship 90 m iles off course. the ship finally entered Savannah, were Isaac sought employment as a carpent er and started a family, after 10 years he returned to Bristol and married his second cousi n Elizabeth Byington.moved to
Oneida County,N.Y.
BYINGTON, Isaac (I1364)
42 Eric's name at birth was Stens Erik Ersson and was changed to Eric Borg during military service. JONSSON (BORG), Erik (I84)
43 Farmer BURSCH, Charles August (I742)
44 Feb 15 1866, Lucius Byington, received patent of land from Falls St Croix, Pepin, Wisc Do c # 6546
Bureau of Land Management will furnish you with copy of original land Patent bob lord

1880 census Frankfort,pepin,Wisc.
Lucius 37 wi farm ct ct
Kate 26 wi ire ire
Charles 6 wi wi wi
Harriet 11 M wi wi wi
BYINGTON, Lucius Emery Sr. (I861)
45 Find A Grave Source (S76)
46 Find A Grave Source (S119)
47 Fourteenth Census of the United States, 1920. (NARA microfilm publication T625, 2076 rolls). Records of the Bureau of the Census, Record Group 29. National Archives, Washington, D.C. For details on the contents of the film numbers, visit the following NARA web page: <a href="" target="_blank">NARA</a>. Note: Enumeration Districts 819-839 are on roll 323 (Chicago City). Source (S104)
48 Genealogy Database Source (S80)
49 Hatcher, Patricia Law. <i>Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots</i>. <i>Vol. 1-4.</i> Dallas, TX, USA: Pioneer Heritage Press, 1987. Source (S102)
50 Herrin, Cynthia, ed.. Source (S115)

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