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 Cemeteries and Headstones in Skattungbyn, Darlana County, Orsa, Sweden

 Thumb Description Status Location Name (Died/Buried)
Anders & Anna (Martensson) Nisen
Anders & Anna (Martensson) Nisen
Mother and Father of Clara, Agda & Lydia Nisen Brother and sister-in-law of Anna (Ersdotter) Borg  
Located  Gravesite SK0841  Anna Martensson (d. 26 Aug 1966)
Anders Nisen (d. 3 Mar 1965)
Borg, Erik and Anna (Persdottor)
 ~ Baby Erik is also buried at this site
Borg, Erik and Anna (Persdottor) ~ Baby Erik is also buried at this site
Inscription reads: "Erik Borge Family Grave" Son of Erik & Anna (Ersdotter) Borg Brother of Anna Victoria & Jenny Adela Borg 
Located  Gravesite SK0734  Erik Borg, Jr (d. 9 Jul 1973)
Erik Gosta Borg (d. 26 May 1919)
Marten Anna Persdotter (d. 14 Nov 1949)
Erik, Kerstin Nisen & Family
Erik, Kerstin Nisen & Family
Erik is the son of Erik & Kerstin Andersson and Brother of Anna (Ersdotter) Borg. Wife Kerstin's maiden name is unknown at this time.  
Located  Gravesite SK0405  Ake Nisen (d. 26 Aug 1936)
Elsa Nisen (d. 6 Dec 2008)
Erik Nisen (d. 30 Apr 1952)
Erik Nisen, Jr (d. 15 Jan 1971)
Kerstin Nisen (d. 21 Apr 1959)
Ture Nisen (d. 17 Jul 1987)
Valter Nisen (d. 11 May 1973)
Kerstin Olsdotter
Kerstin Olsdotter
Wife of Erik Andersson Mother of Anna Ersson Borg Great Grandmother of Anna, Eric & Adela Borg  
Located  Gravesite SK0432  Kerstin Olsdotter (d. 22 Jul 1915)
Skogman, Emil and sister Alice Matilda
Skogman, Emil and sister Alice Matilda
Grandson and Granddaughter of Jonas Ersson 
Located  Gravesite SK0803  Alice Matlida Skogman (d. 1 Oct 2004)
Emil Skogman (d. 6 Jun 1967)