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Minnesota, USA



Latitude: 46.475, Longitude: -92.6167


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Almich, Louis William  18 Mar 1883Minnesota, USA I1263
2 Anderberg, Sarah K  Abt 1913Minnesota, USA I2476
3 Anderson, Fred  Abt 1894Minnesota, USA I1683
4 Baardson, Helma R  Abt 1910Minnesota, USA I2142
5 Baardson, Matilde L  1904Minnesota, USA I2072
6 Blacketer, Albert M.  Aug 1878Minnesota, USA I248
7 Blacketer, Elmer  Sep 1882Minnesota, USA I6
8 Blacketer, William  1880Minnesota, USA I2
9 Boehnke, Minnie Emma Marie  9 Jun 1892Minnesota, USA I2131
10 Bogenrief, Leroy E  Abt 1901Minnesota, USA I1105
11 Bonk, Frank Toffield  25 Jun 1913Minnesota, USA I3313
12 Bruun, Clara Helina  16 Oct 1893Minnesota, USA I2193
13 Buescher, Adline  1912Minnesota, USA I2576
14 Buescher, Edna  1912Minnesota, USA I2575
15 Buescher, Elmer  1916Minnesota, USA I2577
16 Buescher, Walter  1909Minnesota, USA I2574
17 Bursch, Augusta Wilhelmina  2 Apr 1875Minnesota, USA I1662
18 Bursch, Charles August  Dec 1863Minnesota, USA I1668
19 Bursch, Emil  Feb 1862Minnesota, USA I48
20 Bursch, Lola  Feb 1880Minnesota, USA I157
21 Bursch, Rudolph  Aug 1863Minnesota, USA I153
22 Crawford, Agnes M  Abt 1898Minnesota, USA I2689
23 Crawford, Donald A  1919Minnesota, USA I2683
24 Crawford, Durand F  Abt 1919Minnesota, USA I2690
25 Crawford, William F  Abt 1893Minnesota, USA I2688
26 Dahlen, Agnes O  Abt 1908Minnesota, USA I1177
27 Dahlen, Carrol L  1916Minnesota, USA I1182
28 Dahlen, Gilman  1 Jul 1914Minnesota, USA I1485
29 Dahlen, Lester  1912Minnesota, USA I1180
30 Dahlen, Otis  Abt 1884Minnesota, USA I2191
31 Dahlen, Ruth I  1919Minnesota, USA I1185
32 Epple, Charles  Aug 1866Minnesota, USA I2329
33 Epple, Elizabeth  Mar 1884Minnesota, USA I732
34 Epple, John  Jun 1899Minnesota, USA I736
35 Epple, Victor C  Oct 1882Minnesota, USA I728
36 Etzel, William M.  28 May 1913Minnesota, USA I1230
37 Eull, Delvina  6 Sep 1912Minnesota, USA I2552
38 Evenson, Ester  1900Minnesota, USA I567
39 Evenson, Luise  1907Minnesota, USA I574
40 Evenson, Ole C  17 Oct 1872Minnesota, USA I1266
41 Evenson, Simon  1903Minnesota, USA I570
42 Fowler, Alburtus D  Abt 1908Minnesota, USA I2168
43 Fowler, Erwin  Abt 1907Minnesota, USA I2261
44 Fowler, Gladys  Abt 1905Minnesota, USA I2262
45 Fowler, Lester S  Abt 1881Minnesota, USA I2491
46 Fowler, Rosco S  Abt 1913Minnesota, USA I2496
47 Fowler, Wanda  Abt 1918Minnesota, USA I2499
48 Gallus, Anthony  Mar 1900Minnesota, USA I237
49 Gallus, Edward Peter  18 Nov 1922Minnesota, USA I438
50 Gallus, Frank John  12 Oct 1887Minnesota, USA I2580

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hohenzee, Johanna Henriette Albertina  11 Sep 1918Minnesota, USA I1441
2 Larson, Alice Louise  28 Feb 1991Minnesota, USA I158
3 Larson, Mable A  5 Jun 1989Minnesota, USA I711
4 Mueller, Mary Ellen  18 Oct 1986Minnesota, USA I540
5 Pahl, Wilhelm  10 May 1927Minnesota, USA I1436
6 Partlow, Mamie Louise  14 Nov 1981Minnesota, USA I1739
7 Pollock, George Andrew  20 Feb 1961Minnesota, USA I3290
8 Reimann, Rudolph  1897Minnesota, USA I195
9 Steege, Agnes B  1978Minnesota, USA I1101
10 Weiss, Myrtle Elsie  10 Oct 1998Minnesota, USA I2733


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Jackman, Luella Lucille  25 Feb 1992Minnesota, USA I186
2 McCannel, Harold Roderick  10 Sep 1976Minnesota, USA I2660


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Streich / Hiepler  Abt 1919Minnesota, USA F337