Byington FamilyGenealogy
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Wisconsin, USA



Latitude: 44.775, Longitude: -88.1417


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abraham, Henry  Abt 1876Wisconsin, USA I944
2 Barton, June  1878Wisconsin, USA I1711
3 Bowman, Jerome C  1850Wisconsin, USA I69
4 Bushnell, Floyd Wayne  22 Jul 1915Wisconsin, USA I564
5 Byington, Elmore Dilbert  11 Sep 1871Wisconsin, USA I1308
6 Byington, Nellie G.  Abt 1869Wisconsin, USA I2204
7 Byington, Russell E.  1886Wisconsin, USA I559
8 Doughty, Edwin  1905Wisconsin, USA I1796
9 Dovererspike, Idell  15 Nov 1905Wisconsin, USA I1262
10 Farrington, Malgeria G.  Abt 1900Wisconsin, USA I520
11 Ganoe, C. Ellen  1868Wisconsin, USA I511
12 Kern, Hilda  Abt 1905Wisconsin, USA I187
13 Kern, Jacob J  Wisconsin, USA I1561
14 Kern, Olga  Wisconsin, USA I2398
15 Marks, Julia D  1861Wisconsin, USA I364
16 Matter, Alfred  1903Wisconsin, USA I2897
17 Matter, Ella  1898Wisconsin, USA I2895
18 Matter, Frank  1904Wisconsin, USA I2898
19 Matter, Regina  1899Wisconsin, USA I2896
20 McMahon, Donald F.  21 Feb 1925Wisconsin, USA I311
21 McMahon, Earl Edward  13 Nov 1929Wisconsin, USA I528
22 McMahon, John N III  Jul 1875Wisconsin, USA I1705
23 McMahon, Nathan  Dec 1880Wisconsin, USA I1703
24 McMahon, Raymond  1911Wisconsin, USA I529
25 McMahon, Walter Oswald  10 Nov 1886Wisconsin, USA I1343
26 Metcalf, Margaret Maggie Lee  28 Oct 1894Wisconsin, USA I17
27 Metcalf, Nettie A  19 Jan 1901Wisconsin, USA I247
28 Metcalf, Ora A  Jan 1898Wisconsin, USA I4
29 Oberaigner, Joseph Gerald  17 Jun 1933Wisconsin, USA I2804
30 Orr, Elmore W  1884Wisconsin, USA I1737
31 Richard, William Henry  28 May 1889Wisconsin, USA I2352
32 Tasto, Anna  3 Feb 1865Wisconsin, USA I2524
33 Vosburgh, Jessie L  Abt 1873Wisconsin, USA I2616
34 Webster, Daniel  Abt 1877Wisconsin, USA I407
35 Webster, Nellie  Abt 1875Wisconsin, USA I412


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Byington, Orrin  22 May 1873Wisconsin, USA I1256
2 Keyes, David  29 May 1847Wisconsin, USA I787
3 Keyes, Nathan Alonzo  28 Jun 1886Wisconsin, USA I1480
4 Matter, Dorothea Sophia  1858Wisconsin, USA I958
5 Matter, Engel  1874Wisconsin, USA I1198
6 Matter, Joann David  1872Wisconsin, USA I1200
7 McMahon, Earl Dennis  9 Jun 1904Wisconsin, USA I1109
8 McMahon, Earl Edward  21 Nov 1961Wisconsin, USA I528
9 Metcalf, Ora A  1946Wisconsin, USA I4
10 Perleberg, Marie Wilhelmine  Wisconsin, USA I2163


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bowman / Keyes  12 Oct 1847Wisconsin, USA F100
2 Patnode / Demo  3 Nov 1873Wisconsin, USA F241