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Erik Jonsson Borg

Erik’s Story:
Erik's birth name was Stens Erik Jonsson and was later changed to Erik Borg while serving in the Swedish military. His surname Jonsson was dropped and replaced by Borg thereafter. Erik married Anna Ersdotter in Jun 1895 when he was 23 yrs old and Anna was 20. The family homesteaded and farmed land north of Skattungbyn, Sweden, where they raised their two oldest children Eric and Anna until 1913. At that time, Anna became pregnant with Jenny and gave birth to her in Feb 1914. Tragically, Anna succumbed to medical complications related to the birth and died one month later. Anna was 39 yrs old at the time of her death - Erik was 42yrs, Erik Jr 16yrs, and Anna 14 yrs. Erik was left alone and struggled for two years trying to raise his young family - until he was encouraged by Anna's sisters, Mina & Kerstin Nisen to go to America so they could help raise his girls. Mina and Kerstin immigrated to America in 1909 and settled in northern Minnesota. After considering what’s best for his family, Erik happily accepted their offer - so in 1916, he and his two daughters left Sweden and went to live in America. His son, Erik Jr (18yrs), decided to stay in Sweden because WWI was beginning and he was concerned of being accused of military draft evasion. At that time, Eric Sr was 44yrs, Anna 16yrs and Jenny 2. Erik Borg Sr lived in Virginia Minnesota and worked for the Railroad until relocating to Minneapolis prior to his death in 1952. Eric Jr Borg lived in Sweden until his death in 1973. Anna Borg moved to Minneapolis in her early twenties and lived there until her death in 1993. Jenny Adela Borg moved to Minneapolis sometime prior to 1940 and lived there until her death in 2006.

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