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Greetings family, friends, visitors and fellow genealogists! This website is created with hopes of preserving the memories and history of our ancestors. Many of these people we know about, but many are forgotten because their memories and records are lost through the years. In any case, it's hard to imagine where we'd be without their dreams, dedication and sacrifice. Our ancestors made it possible for us to live as we do today and we can only show our appreciation by learning about their life experiences. I hope this website gives you an opportunity to learn something about your families origins.

A New Beginning
The Byington ancestry can be traced back to Bartholomew De Boynton (about 1000AD) but information prior to the 17th century becomes vague and impossible to validate. Because of this, it was decided to focus our family research from William Boynton and his wife Elizabeth, who were among the first Boynton's to arrive in North America from England. After disagreeing with new policies of their church; William, wife Elizabeth, brother John, Rev. Rogers and several other Puritan followers, set sail to 'New England' on a ship named 'John of London'. They landed in Salem harbor in the fall of 1638, wintered, and in the spring traveled north to settle in an area between the villages of Newbury and Ipswich. They named their new settlement 'Rowley' in honor of their minister Ezekiel Rogers who taught Puritan beliefs in Rowley, England. Records from the early settlement show William was a teacher, planter and weaver. He taught school from 1656-1681 and was the first school teacher in Rowley. William and Elizabeth had four sons and three daughters, which were born in Rowley.

It's believed the name Boynton in this branch changed to Byington when John Boynton (grandson of William and Elizabeth) received a land grant from the King of England issued in the name of John Byington instead of Boynton. John probably thought it was easier to adopt the new name instead of returning the document back to England for correction.

Jeff Byington

My Ancestral Lineage
Name Birthplace Date
William Boynton Yorkshire, England 1605
Caleb Boynton Rowley, MA 1650
John Byington Newbury, MA 1676
Daniel Byington I Farmington, CT 1711
Daniel Byington II Branford, CT 1738
Daniel Byington III Wolcott, CT 1773
Randall Byington Wolcott, CT 1806
Robert Byington Hartford, CT 1850
Clifford Byington Pittsburgh, PA 1889
Douglas Byington Arkansaw, WI 1923

What's New
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Our Journey
May 02 - Began researching ancestors and more
Dec 09 - Launched the website
Oct 10 - Visited first Boynton homestead in Rowley MA
Jun 12 - Traveled to Michigan to visit Gen3 Grandparents Gravesite
Aug 14 - Traveled to New York to visit Gen4 Grandparents Gravesite
Jul 17 - Traveled to Sweden to visit birthplace of ancestors

In Loving Memory Of
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