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New York, USA


Latitude: 42.7531, Longitude: -74.2224


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary Birdsall  1813New York, USA I4471
2 Adams, Ellen O  New York, USA I4867
3 Ainsworth, Marvel William  1866New York, USA I6138
4 Ainsworth, Rufus C  25 May 1831New York, USA I6136
5 Anderson, Louisa N  6 Apr 1826New York, USA I4840
6 Banninger, Sarah  1826New York, USA I1708
7 Barber, Isaac  5 Mar 1798New York, USA I4988
8 Barnes, Harriett Louisa  28 Aug 1847New York, USA I2294
9 Barnes, Henry Mitchell  13 Aug 1813New York, USA I1939
10 Barton, Asher  28 Mar 1820New York, USA I4161
11 Barton, Laura A  1842New York, USA I4164
12 Barton, Lewis  20 Mar 1835New York, USA I4166
13 Barton, Loren E  1849New York, USA I4162
14 Barton, Margaret  1840New York, USA I4163
15 Barton, Martha Elizabeth  6 May 1837New York, USA I4165
16 Barton, Sylvester  30 Jun 1831New York, USA I4168
17 Barton, Walter Charles  26 Mar 1833New York, USA I4167
18 Brown, Charles H.  1834New York, USA I3285
19 Brundage, Celestia  28 May 1821New York, USA I5732
20 Buck, Charles  20 Dec 1831New York, USA I4896
21 Bushnell, James Jason  Abt 1836New York, USA I1905
22 Butler, Harriet  1823New York, USA I1557
23 Byington, David  1755New York, USA I3606
24 Byington, Edgar  Jun 1845New York, USA I2201
25 Byington, Frances  Abt 1838New York, USA I2564
26 Byington, George  Aug 1843New York, USA I2203
27 Byington, Harriet Beaumont  25 Jun 1817New York, USA I128
28 Byington, Hiram  25 Sep 1799New York, USA I123
29 Byington, Horatio Nelson  26 May 1806New York, USA I119
30 Byington, Julia Ann  29 Apr 1808New York, USA I135
31 Byington, Lucy Amelia  29 Sep 1811New York, USA I1366
32 Byington, Marcia  Abt 1833New York, USA I2099
33 Byington, Newton  4 Jul 1801New York, USA I139
34 Byington, Orin  Abt 1836New York, USA I2563
35 Cassler, Mary J  1837New York, USA I3419
36 Castler, Mary Jane  27 Feb 1835New York, USA I1779
37 Clark, Jerrod  15 Mar 1850New York, USA I1836
38 Cottrill, Julia Ann  29 Jul 1822New York, USA I5174
39 Drew, Susan  1844New York, USA I2478
40 Dunning, Oscar Milton  1 Aug 1823New York, USA I4106
41 Fisher, David Howard  1842New York, USA I5037
42 Fisher, Elizabeth  1781New York, USA I5036
43 Fisher, Mary E  Abt 1834New York, USA I1738
44 Fisher, Samuel  4 Aug 1787New York, USA I5035
45 Ford, Douglas S  18 Oct 1850New York, USA I4200
46 Ganoe, Mary E.  Mar 1828New York, USA I518
47 Ganoe, Thomas S.  1834New York, USA I5055
48 Gleason, Fannie  1822New York, USA I5459
49 Goodrich, Hannah Malvina  25 May 1830New York, USA I4844
50 Gordon, Lorenzo  1825New York, USA I4238

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mary Birdsall  1879New York, USA I4471
2 Barker, Justus  1836New York, USA I3716
3 Byington, Hiram  29 Jul 1800New York, USA I123
4 Byington, Newton  29 Sep 1803New York, USA I139
5 Byington, William Robinson  24 Nov 1882New York, USA I1324
6 Campbell, Lydia  1916New York, USA I3984
7 Goodell, Sylvanus  20 May 1816New York, USA I3743
8 Gordon, Reuben  1876New York, USA I4235
9 Haskins, Joanna  4 Mar 1853New York, USA I6387
10 Henika, Eva  1820New York, USA I4860
11 Hill, Thomas Pollock  20 Nov 1859New York, USA I5458
12 Milham, Christina  1802New York, USA I4876
13 Park, Ethelyn  1965New York, USA I5736
14 Smith, Sarah  Abt 1820New York, USA I3410
15 Taylor, Minnie Emeline  21 Jun 1900New York, USA I6627
16 Wagener, Anna  6 Oct 1794New York, USA I4874
17 Welch, Robert S.  1881New York, USA I3483
18 York, Amy M  30 Jun 1916New York, USA I5120


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Berger  22 Jul 1828New York, USA F2286
2 Wheeler / Brooks  1857New York, USA F3321
3 York / Welch  1 Nov 1843New York, USA F2979