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Wisconsin, USA


Latitude: 44.775, Longitude: -88.1417


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arndt, Alfred  19 Jul 1893Wisconsin, USA I3544
2 Arndt, Arthur  Aug 1883Wisconsin, USA I3529
3 Arndt, Eseta  Jan 1888Wisconsin, USA I3546
4 Arndt, John  23 Feb 1881Wisconsin, USA I3541
5 Arndt, Minna  Dec 1895Wisconsin, USA I3543
6 Barber, Edward H.  20 Jul 1861Wisconsin, USA I4992
7 Barton, Adella Eugenia  1857Wisconsin, USA I3820
8 Barton, Elmer Ellsworth  Dec 1862Wisconsin, USA I3825
9 Barton, Estella  Abt 1859Wisconsin, USA I3819
10 Barton, George  Abt 1869Wisconsin, USA I3824
11 Batchelder, Ada Louise  20 Aug 1889Wisconsin, USA I4612
12 Bignell, Chester  Abt 1885Wisconsin, USA I5426
13 Bignell, Daisy  Abt 1889Wisconsin, USA I5425
14 Bignell, Diodame  1877Wisconsin, USA I3764
15 Bignell, Leoma  Abt 1887Wisconsin, USA I3533
16 Bignell, Orba  Abt 1901Wisconsin, USA I5410
17 Bignell, Pearl  Abt 1893Wisconsin, USA I5409
18 Black, Rose Cena  1885Wisconsin, USA I4982
19 Bushnell, Floyd Wayne  22 Jul 1915Wisconsin, USA I564
20 Byington, Ellen Elizabeth  12 Oct 1859Wisconsin, USA I5943
21 Byington, Mary Estelle  11 Nov 1872Wisconsin, USA I5934
22 Byington, Nellie G.  Abt 1869Wisconsin, USA I2204
23 Byington, Russell E.  6 May 1886Wisconsin, USA I559
24 Dahl, Sophus Manuel  3 Mar 1908Wisconsin, USA I3592
25 Dahl, Victor Elstad  1906Wisconsin, USA I3597
26 Doughty, Edwin  1905Wisconsin, USA I1796
27 Doughty, Edwin H.  1863Wisconsin, USA I5441
28 Doughty, Grace Marie  1891Wisconsin, USA I5569
29 Doughty, Rollin D.  1866Wisconsin, USA I5439
30 Doverspike, Idell Irene  15 Nov 1905Wisconsin, USA I1262
31 Dupre, Alexander Vernon  Abt 1902Wisconsin, USA I4776
32 Dupree, Celia  Abt 1893Wisconsin, USA I4766
33 Dupree, Charles J.  Abt 1892Wisconsin, USA I4774
34 Dupree, Maggie  Abt 1897Wisconsin, USA I4773
35 Dupree, Marie B  Abt 1904Wisconsin, USA I4775
36 Finstad, Joseph R  28 Jun 1884Wisconsin, USA I4688
37 Ganoe, Cora Ellen  May 1868Wisconsin, USA I511
38 Hill, Arlotta  1918Wisconsin, USA I3531
39 Hill, Bertha  1874Wisconsin, USA I5454
40 Hill, Charles Thomas  11 Apr 1879Wisconsin, USA I5456
41 Hill, Daisy  May 1887Wisconsin, USA I5457
42 Hill, Mary  1886Wisconsin, USA I5597
43 Hill, Rosa  1870Wisconsin, USA I5452
44 Holden, Arleigh James  25 Jan 1910Wisconsin, USA I4703
45 Holden, Aurelia  30 Nov 1901Wisconsin, USA I4697
46 Holden, Lionel Gardner  19 Apr 1893Wisconsin, USA I4691
47 Hoyt, Tesco M  Abt 1899Wisconsin, USA I3503
48 Johnson, Eunice  1911Wisconsin, USA I5957
49 Jones, Orlo H  Mar 1869Wisconsin, USA I5657
50 Kern, Caroline  Aug 1882Wisconsin, USA I5137

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Adeline E.  15 Feb 1928Wisconsin, USA I4625
2 Bennett, Sarah Jane  23 May 1851Wisconsin, USA I3407
3 Bignell, Diodame  2002Wisconsin, USA I3764
4 Burdick, Virginia  2 Apr 2018Wisconsin, USA I4313
5 Dorwin, Fred John  Jul 1968Wisconsin, USA I4358
6 Dorwin, Margaret Helen  21 Feb 1999Wisconsin, USA I4359
7 Doughty, Edward Melvin  1922Wisconsin, USA I5438
8 James, Wilbur L  2 Dec 1961Wisconsin, USA I5144
9 Kern, John  22 Dec 1911Wisconsin, USA I3189
10 Keyes, David  29 May 1847Wisconsin, USA I787
11 Keyes, Nathan Alonzo  28 Jun 1886Wisconsin, USA I1480
12 Krischer, Iva Grace  2 May 1940Wisconsin, USA I3507
13 Matter, Dorothea Sophia  1858Wisconsin, USA I958
14 Matter, Engel  1874Wisconsin, USA I1198
15 Matter, Joann David  1872Wisconsin, USA I1200
16 Metcalf, Ora Amanda  28 Dec 1946Wisconsin, USA I4
17 Perleberg, Marie Wilhelmine  Wisconsin, USA I2163
18 Thompson, Abner C  Jul 1865Wisconsin, USA I6420
19 Tulip, Fannie Lenora  1938Wisconsin, USA I5718
20 Tulip, Owen McGee  13 Apr 1930Wisconsin, USA I5695
21 Warner, Glyndon E  23 Sep 1972Wisconsin, USA I4136


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Tulip, Roger Otto  Wisconsin, USA I5714


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Krischer  1919Wisconsin, USA F2338
2 Bowman / Keyes  12 Oct 1847Wisconsin, USA F100
3 Geiger / Vosburgh  1922Wisconsin, USA F2280
4 Nowack / Metcalf  13 Apr 1922Wisconsin, USA F2743